iamamiwhoami; y (Joe Goddard remix)
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Release: 21/05/2013 / 05/21/2013
Joe Goddard remix (Hot Chip)


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i first heard iamamiwhoami at a restaurant in london a few years ago. after hearing them i emailed my manager, eric, and asked ‘have you heard of this band iamamiwhoami?’ and he wrote back, ‘yes, we manage them’.

when they asked me to do a remix for them i happily said ‘yes’, as i’m a fan of theirs. and when i heard the song they wanted me to remix i realized that i didn’t want to deconstruct it and change it, but rather just add melodic and structural elements to it, to enhance what they’d already done.


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The Irrepressibles – New World (iamamiwhoami remix)


“New World the music video tells the story of a boy who discovers his nature through the realisation of his unconventional love for his friend. His feelings of desire so strong he can’t help but show them. But his closest friend seemingly doesn’t feel the same and instead retaliates by publicly outing him to other boys who viciously physically and mentally bullying him. Eventually the the boy gives up. He decides to take his own life. He writes a note to his parents and walks out into the night eventually reaching the bridge over the lake. He jumps in and begins to drown. But the ghosts of other boys and men who have done the same over decades at the same lake awake. They decide that enough is enough and that he will not die. In the boys unconsciousness the object of his desire comes to save him and breathes air back into his lungs as the ghosts push him up and out of the water. He dances in a field as the sun rises on a new day as if dancing in a club as he finds acceptance with himself . He is at one with himself and his nature. He dances as a beautiful homosexual man.”

New World – Iamamiwhoami Remix
by The Irrepressibles
New World – Iamamiwhoami Remix cover art
00:00 / 05:1
Digital Track

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A remix from Iamamiwhoami of the first single from ‘NUDE’ the sophmore release by London’s spectacular electro-chamber orchestra, The Irrepressibles

released 14 February 2012
tags: alternative electronic art rock chamber pop electro glam London


The Irrepressibles - New World (Single) - Iamamiwhoami Remix

Show me your reasons to fight the new world tonight,
And I will be here by your side, so true!
Show me the truth that you hide, the world needs to know
That there’ll be no sacrifice, the love we share has to grow
Take off that burden that persists, there’ll be no miracles to make you fit
and look deep into my eyes, you’ll see the truth you long to find…

Written and Produced by Jamie McDermott
Re-Mix by Iamamiwhoami

iamamiwhoami – kill live (Southbank Ether Festival 10th October 2012)

iamamiwhoami – ; john live (Southbank Ether Festival 10th October 2012)

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iamamiwhoami – good worker live (Southbank Ether Festival 10th October 2012)

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iamamiwhoami LIVE at southbank centre Queen Elizabeth Hall London
video by domearte